Georgia’s Voices of Faith

The mission statement of the Georgia Interfaith Public Policy Center is “Uniting Georgia’s people of faith to educate, empower and advocate for the common good.” The Center is led by faith leaders from across the state of Georgia.

We Have Strength
In Our Numbers

We are a tool for people of faith across Georgia to make their voices heard in the halls of our Capitol and in the offices of our policy makers. Uniting around our common values of love, justice, mercy, and hospitality, we identify issues of interest to people of faith and mobilize and magnify their voices. We provide education on the issues of our common life and are receptive to the concerns of the faithful throughout our state. Our goal is to empower people to put their faith into action and, in so doing, deepen their spiritual life.

You are the vital part of our work. We need your participation and your input.


  • Sign up for news, action items, and ways to deepen your faith.
  • Contact us with your concerns.
  • Pray for us in your prayers.
  • Donate to support the work.
  • Volunteer.

Different Voices
Speaking As One

Taking Action

Our faith values intersect with public policy in many arenas. We can help you make your principles known to our civic leaders on matters of economic and criminal justice, the environment, healthcare, hunger, housing, immigration, violence, poverty, and human rights and dignity.

Be a part of uniting the people of Georgia across faiths and across our great state.

Support our ability to share with our leaders the needs, concerns, and values of their constituents. Invest in the future of Georgia, her land, and her people. Please consider donating to continue the work and amplify our voice.

Office Location

PO Box 15528 Atlanta, GA  30333