Each faith community has unique concerns, but broad public policy consensus brings together diverse communities to address injustice. The Georgia Interfaith Public Policy Center (GIPPC) is uniquely positioned to support the moral voice of the faith community on behalf of people who are marginalized and have limited ability to participate in policy advocacy.

Our advocacy efforts focus on three methods:

Legislative Advocacy

 Much of our direct advocacy focuses on the Georgia General Assembly. In this aspect of our work, we collaborate with legislators, staff, and coalition partners to develop policies that support our positions on the issues. We work to facilitate passage of bills we support and the defeat of bills we oppose.

We help our members to be active in the legislative process while their legislators are home as well as when they are at the General Assembly. GIPPC organizes visits to the General Assembly and one-on-one meetings with legislators for our advocacy day. Using “calls to action” the Center mobilizes our network of advocates to contact legislators by email and phone to make their voices heard.

Coalition Building

We also work with like-minded organizations around Georgia to build coalitions on issues affecting our state. By combining voices, we have a greater impact on policy outcomes.


The Center is a source of education to people of faith and their communities on the issues, how to advocate, and why we are called, as people of faith, to this work. We work to deepen the spiritual life of Georgians as they learn how and practice putting their faith into action.

Office Location

PO Box 15528 Atlanta, GA  30333