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GIPPC Faithful Citizen Civic Engagement

Is everyone in your congregation registered to vote?

Does everyone faithfully vote on Primary and General Election Days or use early “absentee” voting opportunities?
Does your faith community have people who are unregistered or who don’t usually vote? We can help! The Georgia Interfaith Public Policy Center (GIPPC) works with faith communities across the state to encourage people to vote during this year’s general election.

Get involved with our Faithful Citizen Civic Engagement Program.

In Georgia, faith communities are central to civic life and can play a critical role in organizing and motivating people to vote in every election. GIPPC works with faith communities to empower more people to use their votes to amplify their voices and impact public policy. We can point you to resources that can help.

Civic engagement

Civic engagement is the process of helping people be active participants in building and strengthening their communities. Voting in elections is a civic responsibility and has the most direct impact on our freedoms and on the health and future of our society. Elected officials work for us, so we need to make sure that the right people get hired. And once we hire (elect) them, we need to make sure they do a good job representing our communities.

GIPPC’s Civic Engagement Program

Pledging: Tests have shown that a simple way to encourage people to vote is to ask them to sign a Faithful Citizenship pledge card promising to vote.

Preaching: Worship leaders can build excitement about voting by preaching on the importance of using the power God has given us to make a difference in the world.

Reminding: People need to be reminded to vote. You can do this by sharing regular announcements with your congregation.
Every election matters and every vote counts.

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